Packages and Pricing

Below we have our most popular packages and pricing.  We are happy to customize any of your events to suit your needs, so don't be afraid to give us a call or text at (978) 360-3002 or shoot us an e-mail with your requests.  Customized packages are so much fun and bring the most enjoyment to everyone attending your event.  

~Travel Fee:

Please note, in addition to pricing there is a travel fee of 25 cents per mile one way from our farm.  This fee is waived for events located in Tewksbury and Wilmington Massachusetts.

Add Ons

We are happy to add on to any package below or customized package the following.

~Pony Rides:

Add two ponies:                          $400.00 for the first 2 hrs, $300 per additional hr

Additional ponies:                      $250.00 ea for the first 2 hrs, $200 ea per additional hr.

~Horse-drawn hay, sleigh or carriage rides:

Please contact us for pricing

Farmers' Markets

We love to connect to our community!  Attending Farmers' Markets allows your customers to enjoy the camaraderie between local farmers while supporting the agricultural economy in your community.  Adding our farm animals will give the public the opportunity to see how we, as farmers, care for what we raise.  We have found that giving people the connection of the animals improves turnout at your markets, allowing for enhanced profitability for all vendors attending.

We will happily arrive at your community supported Farmers' Market with no less than 6 friendly farm animals.  We will set up a pen for them which we allow your customers to enter and spend time with the animals.  We are also proud to set up our own homemade goats milk soap which we craft using only all natural ingredients and make right here on our fourth generation livestock farm with our own goats' milk, which helps compensate the price difference.  

As we are AG-vocates for not only our own farm, but for all local farms, the fee for the Farmers' Market bundle is reduced by more than half of our lowest priced package.  

*If you are a local farmer hosting an event at your farm, contact us for FARM pricing suited to your event.  

The Farmers' Market bundle: $200.00 up to 2 hours, $100 per additional hour

Birthday Parties

We put all of our effort into making each event as special and unique as each host envisions.  We have our Birthday Party Package which will comprise of no less than 8 farm animals.  The animals will be in a pen which we will set up for the children and adults to come into and spend some quality time cuddling and playing.  

Birthday Party Package:        $400.00 for the first 2 hours, $200 per additional hour

Community Events

Community, Work or School Festivals are made more fun and memorable with our animals in attendance.  For larger events such as school-wide festivals, company outings, Town Festivals and more (including Weddings and Graduation parties!) we have our extra large pen as well as no less than one dozen (and, depending on the anticipated attendance, many more!) friendly farm animals for your attendees to enjoy.  We are happy to offer suggestions of fundraising with our traveling farm that has benefited other non-profits to help offset costs or raise money.  The possibilities are limitless, and we will work diligently with you to enhance your event in every way possible.

Community Event Package:      $800.00 for the first 2 hours, $300 per additional hour

Senior Living and Special Needs Groups

These events provide more one on one individualized meet and greets with our animals, which we select based on their laid back demeanor.  As most people are aware, animals provide a sense of calming and love that is not spoken but felt.  Animals inherently have a sixth sense of awareness that allows a communication from those who are unable to use traditional means.  We spend time quietly allowing your residents and group members the opportunity to connect with these animals at their own pace and within their own comfort zone.  Pricing is dependent on the size of the group (therefore, how many staff we will bring with us) and duration.  Those who are 501c3 are eligible for discounted rates.  

Please contact us for your customized quote.


Our favorite clientele are the little ones.  With inquisitive minds and endless questions we are excited to visit schools and help you to host an "in-school" field trip!  We will bring animals ranging from chickens to ducks and bunnies to lambs or goat kids and numerous other livestock to educate and inform the children about all aspects of farming, from the care of the animals to environmentally sound practices and more.  We can set up outside with a pen or have a more intimate setting inside a classroom where the children can pet each animal as well.   

Classroom Packages:         Up to 20 children  $200.00 per hour

                                                      Up to 50 children  $350.00 for 2 hours

Travel Fee

Our travel fee is .25 cents per mile from our farm, one way. 

Horse-drawn Hayrides for your Event


Add Horse-drawn Wagon Rides!

We are also more than happy to bring a beautiful team (or several teams) of our well trained Percheron and Belgian draft horses to really provide you with a wow-factor that no one else can provide.  We provide horse-drawn wagons which hold approximately 20 to 22 adult guests comfortably, a Santa-sleigh (on coasters for pavement) which hold approximately 12 guests and also a beautiful horse-drawn wedding carriage for wedding memories that can't be beat.  

We can provide a horse-drawn wagon that is wheel chair accessible as well!  

Please contact us for pricing.