Our Story and Our Mission

Passionate about Compassionate Farming

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." 

      - Anatole France

Our Back Story

Many years ago we had purchased several pregnant does (female goats) to add to our agricultural exhibits during our Annual Pumpkin Festival.  One kid (baby goat) was rejected, and out of necessity came to live in our house.  Ray-Ray was the most adorable Nubian (a dairy goat breed) and quickly found his way into our lives as more than just another animal, but as a member of our family.  Going to school with our daughter, Trick or Treating with the neighborhood children, and meeting the kids (human ones!) at the bus stop were all par for the course for this little guy.  He quickly found his way into the hearts of so many in our community.  

Once Ray-Ray became a local sensation through the power of FaceBook, I realized how much our community wanted to be a part of what we did here on the farm.  I began a little social media group and named it Animal "Tails" from the Farm.  Before I knew it we had well over 1,000 followers.  There was nothing incredibly special about it, other than it told the stories of some of our animals.  It gave folks an opportunity to become a farmer through the ability of sharing our trials, tribulations, celebrations, births and more.  

We felt that the social media group was extending a hand to the general public to understand and more closely associate with their local farmers, albeit from a computer or smart phone.  Because of that we have had the amazing opportunity to educate and promote the livelihood of farming and to embrace our community who have come to love these animals with as much dedication as we do.  

We invite you to visit our FaceBook group Animal "Tails" From the Farm and follow along with all of our "littles" as we lovingly refer to them.  The stories run from silly and sappy to sensibility and realism when facing difficult situations,  We also love to promote other local farmers and love receiving feedback about your own "littles"! 

Our Mission

We have now  decided that it is time to "step it up" as they say.  We are looking forward to taking our farm animals that you all know and love on the road!  We hope to AG-ucate the public with opportunities to meet and greet not just their local farmers, but also those that are in their care.  The greatest burden on the agricultural community today is the distance that has been given between the general public and their farmers who are raising and growing their food.  We hope to diminish that separation and have found that the ones who speak most clearly about the care that farmers give their animals are the animals themselves.

We look forward to providing your event with the sweetest, softest and most well loved farm animals.  Some of the events we look forward to attending are

*Farmer's Markets

*Children's Birthday Parties

*School-wide or Company Events

*Town Festivals

*Special Needs Interactions

*Calming Elderly Care Appearances

*Graduations, Weddings, Sporting Events and More!

Where is your farm?

We are a fourth generation family livestock farm based in Tewksbury and Wilmington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  We have been caring for the animals on our farm since 1942.  We currently own 216 acres of land to raise our animals and grow pumpkins, gourds, cow corn and hay on.  As all reputable farmers are aware, if you do not manage your livestock with their health and comfort as your number one priority, you will not be in business for long.  

Krochmal Farms began in 1942 when John Krochmal purchased the land which was previously a swine farm.  He and his wife Annie understood the importance of the animals' needs always taking precedence over their own.  They passed their love of farming to their son John Cave who, with his wife Jan, has lived and worked on this property along with two of their sons John and Greg, and now their families and their children as well.  We raise beef cattle and swine as our main commodities here and also promote horse-drawn hayrides, holiday events and we open to the public for 6 weekends in the Fall for our Annual Pumpkin Festival and one weekend in December for our Annual Santa Social.  Find out more about Krochmal Farms here:


We also provide horse-drawn hayride rentals at our location or yours!  Making memories that will last a lifetime.  Visit us here for more information: