Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect

Events are staffed with an appropriate number of knowledgable and caring staff.  We pride ourselves in surpassing your highest expectations and will work diligently to do so.  

All farm animals that come to your event are specifically chosen based on your attendee base and  each individual animal's personality.  We strive to have the perfect balance of diverging animals at each location while providing a safe and fun learning environment for all.

Don't forget the add-ons that we are pleased to provide:

Pony Rides

Horse-drawn Hay Rides

Speciality Birthday Party Packages

Set Up / Clean Up

We will arrive ahead of our start time to be ready for your event on or before time.  We will pick up all "souvenirs" left by the animals and take them with us. 

 Grass areas that have not been treated with chemicals will be raked and cleaned.  We will not set up on astro turf due to the difficulty of cleaning the area after.  We do request a footing that is comfortable and safe for the animals, but if you are unsure about your set up area, let us know what you have and we will be happy to let you know if it is acceptable.  Most (untreated) grass / fields, dirt, asphalt, sand, concrete, etc.. footing is fine.

All areas are raked and bagged and removed from your venue upon our leaving.

A Safe and Comfortable Environment

Each event we attend, we will be sure to have plenty of hand sanitizer readily available to your attendees.  

We care about our animals' safety, and yours!  For that reason, we do ask that domestic pets are not allowed within 10 feet of the enclosure / animals.  If we notice any dogs that seem to exert a high prey drive upon seeing the animals, we will ask for those pets to be removed from the situation.

We firmly believe that safety for all is a top priority.  Our staff is vigilant in ensuring safety for your attendees and our animals, so please be attentive when they are speaking.

Space Needed

Outdoor events are the most comfortable for the most diverse types of species.  For outdoor events we need enough room to park our truck and trailer, which also acts as a shelter to get out of the elements for the animals.  We request a grass or dirt area with some ability of shade, although if none is available we are able to bring a canopy awning* (*$30 fee).  

Indoor events will be set up on an individual basis.  We are happy to set up a pen with a heavy duty tarp underneath to 'catch' any souvenirs the animal may wish to leave.  We do not feel comfortable setting up on carpets, but solid (cement, wood, tile, etc) surface is fine.

Licensing / Insurance

USDA and Massachusetts Department of Agriculture both have strict guidelines for caring for livestock.  We are proud to share our love of these animals with not only meeting, but exceeding their guidelines for Best Management Practices.  We are a working livestock farm, therefore we receive State inspections each month, regular farm checks from our local Animal Inspector and are visited with federal inspections on a timely basis.  You can feel confident that our animals receive the best care available and we always go above and beyond for each of our critters.  

We are fully insured through Farm Family Insurance.

Our Animals are our livelihood

All animals that we travel to events with live with us full time.  We do not "replace" animals once they are no longer babies, as we care for each of our animals for the entirety of their lives.  

We are passionate about compassionate farming.

Each event our animals attend, they  are accompanied by a professional staff and have full access to food/hay, shelter and water which we provide.  We also bring specific treats for the animals that attendees may feed them, but we ask you only feed them the food we provide for their health and well being.

We are proud standing members of the Massachusetts Farm Bureau